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Your expert partner in eco-friendly cleaning services for your terrace, balcony, klinkers, pergola, garden furniture and parking in Brussels

Professional cleaning service for your outdoor surfaces in Brussels and its surroundings

Terraces, balconies, decks, siding, fences, walls, garage doors, driveways and parking lots, klinkers, pergolas...

Sure, you could clean your property yourself, but why spend money on equipment that may not fit and will wear out?
Why spend all that time and energy on pressure washing when you can use the professional washers of SurfaceClean-Brussels?
Get the job done quickly and accurately without the risk of damage to your property from using incorrect pressure washing techniques or products that are harmful to you and the environment.

You can be sure that all work, big or small, will be done with the utmost care, to ensure that your property retains its value and best appearance for years while respecting the surrounding nature.

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Why choose SurfaceClean-Brussels?

Your time is precious, leave the dirty work to us. Experience the difference with SurfaceClean-Brussels.

Fast, efficient and customized Services

At surfaceClean-Brussels, we understand the importance of swift and well-adapted interventions. Our team is commited to providing you with a personalised cleaning experience tailored to your needs in the best delays. ensuring fast and efficient results for your terrace, balcony, sidewalk or driveway.

Eco-Friendly enzymatic cleaning solutions in Brussels

Our cleaning service specializes in using ecological and enzymatic cleaning products, ensuring the safety of your surfaces and the environment.
Get ready to fall in love with your outdoor spaces again. Learn more about our engament to nature.

Affordable and tailor-made rates

We offer rates to meet your cleaning needs and budget. Read here how we set our tarifs

Say goodbye to grime and hello to pristine outdoor spaces in no time!

What our clients say about SurfaceClean-Brussels

"Dear sir, thank you for your invoice n°xxxx for the excellent services impeccably provided by the very professional and very friendly person....I will gladly recommend your services should the case arise.....Congratulations again....Have a nice day." The Rieke-Rousseau Family 

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Our experts in ecological cleaning for exterior surfaces are available in Brussels and the surrounding area

Services available in the following municipalities: Brussels - Anderlecht - Molenbeek - Ganshoren - Berchem-Sainte-Agathe - Jette - Koekelberg - Laeken - Schaerbeek - Evere, Neder Over-Hembeek - Haeren - Woluwe Saint-Pierre - Woluwe Saint-Lambert - Woluwe Saint-Etienne - Etterbeek - Uccle - Saint-Gilles - Forest - Auderghem - Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode - Watermael-Boisfort - Ixelles - Crainem - Wezembeek-Oppem - Rhode-Saint-Genèse - Wemmel - Drogenbos - Linkebeek