Cleaning of Garden Furniture and Pergolas in Brussels

SurfaceClean-Brussels is your trusted partner for the maintenance of garden furniture and pergolas in Brussels. Take advantage of our expertise and our environmentally friendly techniques to preserve the beauty of your outdoor spaces

Regular cleaning of your garden furniture and garden shed is essential to maintain their aesthetic appearance and prolong their life. Dust, dirt, leaves and debris can build up on your outdoor furniture and damage it over time, while garden sheds can become a hotbed for mold and mildew if not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning your outdoor furniture and garden shed may seem tedious, but it's definitely worth it. A good cleaning can prevent damage and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come. Don't hesitate to contact professional cleaners to help you take care of your outdoor furniture and garden shed, and enjoy the summer with peace of mind!

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The advantages of using SurfaceClean for the maintenance of your outdoor equipment

We adopt innovative and ecological approaches to clean and maintain your garden furniture and your pergolas. At SurfaceClean-Brussels, we select biodegradable products and high-performance equipment to ensure optimal results while preserving the planet.

Garden Fourniture
Garden Fourniture

Washing of your garden furniture

Regular cleaning of your outdoor furniture is crucial to maintaining its appearance and durability. Outdoor elements such as rain, dust, dirt and UV rays can damage your outdoor furniture over time, which can make it necessary to replace it prematurely. Additionally, if you allow dirt and debris to accumulate on your furniture, it can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can affect the health of your family and guests. To avoid this, it's important to regularly clean your outdoor furniture with the right products to protect it and keep it in good condition for years to come!

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Garden Shed
Garden Shed

Your perfectly clean garden shed

Sheds and garden sheds are very practical storage spaces for many homeowners. However, they can quickly become dirty and cluttered if not cleaned regularly. This is because these structures are often exposed to the weather, dust and insects, which can lead to the accumulation of debris and dirt.

That's why it's important to regularly clean your sheds and garden sheds to keep them in good condition and extend their lifespan.

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Cleaning and maintenance of your pergola

If you have a pergola in your garden or on your deck, it is important to clean it regularly to keep it looking and feeling good. However, cleaning a pergola can be a complex task, especially if it is large or if it is located high up.

This is why it is recommended to call a specialized cleaning team to clean your pergola. At SurfaceClean-Brussels we work with professionals who have the necessary equipment to reach hard-to-reach areas and thoroughly clean the materials of your pergola, such as wood, metal or PVC.

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