Cleaning of klinkers in Brussels

At SurfaceClean-Brussels, we also offer exterior floor cleaning services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We take care of driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and other surfaces to make them look clean and inviting.

Our technicians use high-pressure cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly methods to remove dirt, oil stains and debris from driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our services by using non-toxic cleaning products and limiting water consumption.

Concrete, bluestone, brick and clinker surfaces must be cleaned regularly. Our concrete cleaning service will not only keep your outdoor surfaces looking new, but also safe and help prevent slip and fall accidents.

When algae and mold build up on concrete surfaces and they get wet from rain, morning dew, sprinkler systems, etc., the surface becomes very slippery and can lead to falls and injuries. When gum is allowed to build up, it can become very unsightly and make removal more difficult and time consuming. Spilled beverages, grease buildup and other elements can also make concrete surfaces unsafe and unsightly.

We use professional grade equipment to clean and restore concrete, bluestone paver or brick and clinker surfaces. Being able to heat the water on site allows us to easily remove gum and get through grease and dirt build-up. Concrete cleaning is not a job that can be done with a commercially purchased pressure washer. These can cause damage in the hands of an untrained person, and often damage that cannot be repaired. We are your best bet for pressure washing services in Brussels and its surroundings.

For cleaning large concrete surfaces, we use adapted cleaners and surface machines to obtain a more uniform and consistent cleaning. Once the cleaning is done, the entire surface will look the same and you will not see the scratches caused by the use of a pressure gun. 

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Ecological cleaning without chemicals

SurfaceClean-Brussels is committed to protecting the environment by using ecological cleaning methods without harmful chemicals. Our environmentally friendly approach ensures effective cleaning without compromising the safety of your family, pets or the ecosystem.

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Cleaning of your driveways, paths, sidewalks, garage slopes and parking lots

 Alleys Paths Sidewalks
Alleys Paths Sidewalks

Cleaning of your alleys, paths and sidewalks

You have a beautiful home, but you are not always able to keep it. We want to help you! SurfaceClean-Brussels is an on-demand service that provides professional cleaning services for your driveways and sidewalks. It's time to take back control of your property with our weekly, monthly or annual sidewalk and driveway cleanings! 

Parking lot & Driveway
Parking lot & Driveway

Keeping your parking lot and driveway clean

Cleaning of your alleys, paths and sidewalks

It's important to keep your driveway clean because it can be a potential hazard to people walking, running or biking.

Power washing may not be enough to remove the dirt and grime from your driveway. Pressure washing is therefore necessary to get rid of stubborn stains left by leaking oil, gasoline or other substances.

In addition, in Brussels, many driveways are sloped: this often means slippery, old, poorly cleaned floors that leave room for weeds: a high risk of domestic accidents in sight. A professional cleaning is needed now if this is your case.

Garage Door
Garage Door

Washing your garage door for maximum durability

Concerning your garage door, we recommend you to clean it at least once a year. If it is strongly exposed to bad weather and pollution as it is the case in Belgium and particularly in Brussels regarding pollution, your garage door will be damaged and a cleaning every 2 to 3 months is recommended. The frequency of cleaning depends on the location of the garage and the climate.

It is not only a question of aesthetics. It is important that stubborn stains and dust do not settle permanently so that your garage door continues to function properly and keeps its financial value.

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