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SurfaceClean-Brussels offers you terrace cleaning services in Brussels at competitive and transparent rates.

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Our company excels in the cleaning of terrace, balcony, fence, driveway, garden furniture for many years in Brussels.

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Cleaning Prices
Cleaning Prices

Contact us today to get a personalised estimate for the cleaning of your terrace in Brussels. 

Competitive rates for a quality cleaning service

At SurfaceClean-Brussels, we are committed to offering you affordable rates for cleaning decks and outdoor floors in Brussels. Our prices are studied to meet your requirements and offer you a superior quality service.

We practice very reasonable prices so that you do not feel constrained in your desire for cleaning. We carry out in particular:

> Wooden deck cleaning

> Cleaning of outdoor concrete floors

> Cleaning of interlocking paving stones and clinkers

> Cleaning of metal garage doors

> Cleaning of natural stone paving

> Cleaning of outdoor ceramic tiles

> Cleaning of gravel driveways

> Cleaning of stone floors

> Cleaning of sidewalks

> Cleaning of concrete terrace

> Cleaning of concrete slab

> Cleaning of garden furniture, cottage and pergola


Trust SurfaceClean-Brussels and its partners for a professional service and tailored rates.

The price quoted depends on the work done. For example, cleaning the same surface on a deck costs a different price than cleaning a balcony because of different constraints.

Cleaning wooden decks requires specific techniques to preserve the quality of the material. Our prices take into account the type of wood, the surface to be cleaned and the condition of the deck, the supply and installation of a protective layer,...

Our rates for cleaning concrete and stone decks vary according to the size of the surface and the treatments required to effectively remove dirt, moss and stains.

Tile and composite deck cleaning requires specific skills. Our rates take into account the cleaning methods adapted to these materials and the general condition of the deck.

If you would like to receive a cleaning quote in Brussels, call our number. We will make you a proposal tailored to your needs.

In short, feel free to contact us at any time by using the form below.

Cleaning prices in Brussels: Why are our rates competitive?

Pressure Cleaning
Pressure Cleaning

First of all, we create an offer according to your wishes.
To do this, you must clearly describe your needs. We will then provide you with an accurate, customized quote without overcharging. 

We offer low-cost cleaning to get the job done quickly and cleanly. Recruited for their technical skills and years of experience, our craftsmen know how to get the job done as quickly as possible. In short, we spend as little time as possible doing your job. That's why our exterior cleaning rates are inexpensive, even with hourly rates in the market average.

Conclusion: Contact us if you want your deck, parking lot or driveway cleaned. The characteristics of our teams are: Competence, Efficiency and Kindness.

What does the price of washing your stone floor depend on? 

The prices of exterior surface cleaning in Brussels depend on several factors.

First of all, evaluate according to the scope of the work. In this sense, everything depends on the shape, structure and size of the surface to be treated. The larger the surface, the more time it will take to treat. This will obviously be reflected in the price of cleaning your driveway, for example. It goes without saying that our professionals will not dawdle to make the mission last, but you must take this into account when evaluating the price.

Then, the clutter of the terrace to be cleaned plays a role: If our experts have to spend time clearing the surface before cleaning because it is cluttered, it is logical that the estimate increases. You've already cleared it yourself? That's fine! Then the time will be spent exclusively on cleaning your floor and the final price will be all the better.

You should also consider the design materials of your deck, balcony, fence, floor, or door to be cleaned: is the surface of the support made of wood, metal, natural or composite stone, ceramic, pvc or other? Each exterior floor covering must be treated with the right techniques, the right tools and the right products. Some surfaces require a more meticulous work or a specific cleaning product instead of hot soapy water for example. These details affect the price of deck cleaning.

Finally, the condition of the surface also matters. A regularly maintained floor takes less time and effort to clean than a surface left to decay for years...

In other words, we establish the cost according to these different criteria. No overcharging, no surprises. So you know exactly on which items you can already save.

Our prices for our high pressure cleaning services in Brussels are reasonable, competitive, fair and above all reflect the work to be done by our experienced professionals.

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