Get a sparkling terrace with SurfaceClean-Brussels

We all love lounging on our terrace on a sunny day in Brussels. But what do you do when the terrace loses its charm because of the dirt and debris that accumulate? Don't panic, SurfaceClean is here to help with our professional terrace cleaning service in Brussels.

Terraces, targets for dirt

Dirt and debris on a terrace aren't just an eyesore. It's also a perfect environment for the growth of mold and algae. As well as making your terrace slippery and dangerous, these organisms can attack its structure and weaken it over time. And piles of dead leaves and other debris can become a breeding ground for insects and other pests. Last but not least, it's quite conceivable that the dirt will eventually slow down or even prevent rainwater from draining properly, as gutters and drains will become clogged...increasing the likelihood of infiltration and flooding.

How can SurfaceClean bring your terrace back to life?

SurfaceClean is your partner for terrace cleaning in Brussels.

We put our know-how and proven techniques at your service to thoroughly remove dirt and debris. We use professional equipment, such as high-pressure cleaners or other gentler techniques, and apply anti-mould treatments to ensure a clean, healthy and safe terrace.

The SurfaceClean cleaning process

At SurfaceClean, we're methodical.We start by sweeping the deck to remove surface debris. Next, we use our high-pressure cleaner to loosen embedded dirt and remove stains. Finally, we apply an anti-mould treatment to prevent the return of mould and algae.

As an option, and depending on the substrate, we can also apply a coat or two of oil and varnish to restore your terrace to its full beauty.

Don't let dirt and debris spoil your beautiful terrace!
Contact Surface Clean, your terrace cleaning specialist in Brussels on 02 586 35 24 or fill in our online form below to request your free estimate.

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